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The Singing Kettle - Toy Town. Cilla as a doll, Artie as a soldier, Gary as a spaceman and Kevin as cowboy have arrived in Toytown dressed for the occasion. However, there's work to do to get everything ready for the arrival of the Mayor. The Town Hall clock counts down as the Singing Kettle try to locate the coloured kettles and find the clues to enter the amazing world of Toytown! The songs in the shows are: 01. Toytown Dreams. 02. Calamity Cowboys. 03. Push The Damper In. 04. Bonzo's Rhyme Time. 05. Everyone Likes A Nursery Rhyme. 06. Leap Frog. 07. Broooom!! 08. Nobody Loves Me. 09. Pavements Are For People. 10. Burping Bears. 11. My Teddy Bear. 12. Toys, Toys Toys.Thomas the Tank Engine Velcro Pyjamas. Is Thomas awake, yawning or tired...? Little ones can swap the Velcro faces around on these Thomas the Tank Engine Pyjamas to find the right place for his facial expressions. Features   100% cotton, excluding trims Large Thomas design on front with 3 Velcro faces Double-layer look top Bottoms have elasticated waist Machine washableThe Charlie Chaplin Collection - Vol. 5. Includes the following: The Immigrant: Would-be immigrant Charlie endures a torrid journey to the USA. When he wins a card game he tries to help a robbery victim by putting some of the money in her bag, but on retrieving a little for himself is accused of being a thief. The Tramp: Tramp Charlie rescues a farmer's daughter from the unwelcome attentions of a hobo and also deals with two other hobos who arrive looking for trouble. Charlie is taken home in gratitude but fails in his attempt to become a farmhand. The Pawnshop: Charlie is a pawnshop assistant trying to compete with another assistant, deal with his boss and several customers, one of whom turns out to be a thief, before he can finally save the day. The Vagabond: After collecting donations for German street musicians, Charlie heads for the country where he rescues a girl from a band of gypsies. A painting of the girl is seen by her wealthy mother and soon the mother and the artist are involved in looking for the girl.Mermaids and Pirates: Follow the Fish - A Fingertrail Book. Katie and Peter are counting the fish. Follow the fingertrail to the fish and help Katie and Peter to see where they go. Guide your child's finger over the fingertrail to help them count the fish. Developed using Katie's experience with her own children and their different needs, this book is suitable for children of all abilities. Fingertrails help children practise the co-ordination skills they need for early writing. The bright and colourful pictures, touch and feel elements and clear text make this a fun and stimulating book that everyone can enjoy.Adult Captain Hook Outfit Dress-Up. Take on the guise of the most unpleasant pirate of them all, and Peter Pan's arch enemy, Captain Hook. A great party look, this outfit includes a realistic hook for that spine-chilling finishing touch.   Features Outfit with hat and hook 100% polyester, exclusive of trims Wig not included Sponge clean onlyThe Persuaders [Special Edition]. Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair are two millionaire playboys - one a self made man who battled his way out of the New York slums and the other a peer of the realm, born into money - who are duped by a retired judge into righting wrongs in a series that combines action, style, humour and panache in equal measures. This show is widely regarded as one of entertainment mogul Lew Grade's most memorable and glamorous ITC productions. Originally broadcast on ITV1 in Autumn 1971 and filmed in an array of stunning European Locations, The Persuaders! stars Hollywood legend Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot, The Boston Strangler, Sweet Smell Of Success) and Roger Moore (The Saint, The Spy Who Loved Me) as the mismatched playboys with an eye for the ladies and a knack for landing themselves in compromising situations. The show was a hit in the UK and capitalised on Curtis' impressively diverse film career and the enormous success of Roger Moore's near decade-long run in The Saint. The show also features many fine performances from high-calibre special guests including Joan Collins, Denholm Elliot, Susan George, Patrick Troughton, Bernard Lee, Ian Hendry and Terry-Thomas.Ultimate Crimes - Blood Money. The Ultimate Crimes series tells the true life stories of the world's most infamous murders. Revealed for the first time on DVD are the crimes, clues and forensic evidence that brought the most violent murderers to justice. Murder for Profit Grandmotherly Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house in California. She also became known as the Black Widow of Sacramento because her tenants usually ended up resting beneath her lawn. Michael X modelled himself on his black hero Malcolm X, but he was a thug who kidnapped and tortured a wealthy businessman before fleeing with a Tory MP's daughter. He was eventually hanged for murder in Trinidad in 1975. The acid bath murderer, John George Haigh, started his cold-blooded murders for profit as the World War II drew to a close. In an attempt to escape the noose he confessed to drinking his victim's blood. Inheritance Killers The Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, cold-bloodedly murdered their parents by shooting them in their Beverly Hill's mansion. They then flaunted their new-found wealth by spending over $1 million in a year before being brought to justice. The White House Farm was the scene of a blood slaying for five members of the Bamber family. Jeremy Bamber was convicted of the murders but still protests his innocence. Why? Two pipe bombs blew apart the Benson family car, killing millionaire tobacco heiress Margaret Benson and her adopted son Scott. Amazingly Steven Benson, the sole remaining son and heir had exited the car moments before the catastrophe. But was it a coincidence? Deadly Kidnappings The Charles Lindberg family baby kidnapping was the sensation of the world's press. In 1932 Lindbergh's baby son was kidnapped. Despite receiving eleven more ransom notes their baby was eventually found with its skull broken. The Black Panther was the police's nickname for the ruthless kidnapper who had killed four people before kidnapping Leslie Whittle. She died naked in a drainage shaft, sparking off the hunt for Britain's most notorious kidnapper. In December 1969 55 year old Muriel McKay was kidnapped. After receipt of the 1 million ransom note, it soon became clear that the kidnappers had mistaken Mr McKay for his media boss Rupert Murdoch. Despite the family's payment of the ransom, Mrs McKay's body was never recovered.Samsung YP-U3 1GB MP3 Player - Black. Sleek, compact and modern in black this Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player features 1GB of storage space, touch sensitive controls and built-in FM radio.  Features Touch sensitive controls DNSe sound enhancement 1GB 9 preset EQs FM radio built in Voice & FM recording Retractable USB connector OLED display RDS tuner and supports MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF and Ogg files 15 hours of battery life  PC rechargeable Blue LED lighting effectDisney Princess Strappy Vests - Pack of 2. These Disney Princess Strappy Vests are great for wearing under tops and keeping your little girl warm. Made from pure cotton and machine washable. Features Pure cotton Disney Princess design Bow detail Gold lace trim Tumble dry 40° machine washable  Till Death Us Do Part. The world according to Alf Garnett - the most opinionated, loud-mouthed, and prejudiced bigot in all of comedy creation. Eastender Alf chronicles the hilarious history of the put-upon Garnett family from the war with Hitler to another battle with the Germans - the 1966 World Cup Final. This superb and caustically funny film boasts a host of familiar and polished British performers, including Warren Mitchell as Alf, Dandy Nichols as his long-suffering wife, Una Stubbs, Bill Maynard and Brian Blessed.Penny Serenade. As Julie (Irenne Dunne) prepares to leave her husband Roger (Cary Grant), she begins to play through a stack of recordings, each of which reminds her of events in their lives together. One of them is the song that was playing when she and Roger first met in a music store. Other songs remind her of their courtship, their marriage, their desire for a child, and the joys and sorrows that they have shared. A flood of memories comes back to her as she ponders their present problems and how they arose..................The Eagle Has Landed [Special Edition]. A Nazi Strike Force plots to assassinate Winston Churchill while he is resting in a desolate Norfolk village. Colonel Radl (Robert Duvall) masterminds the plot which, if successful, would change the outcome of the war. He enlists the help of Colonel Steiner (Michael Caine) and Liam Devlin (Donald Sutherland). Disguised as Polish airmen, German paratroopers land in England. Radl's plans appear to be going smoothly until an unforeseeable incident exposes the Germans. But the kidnap continues and Steiner, Luger in hand, approaches the unmistakable figure of Churchill....Doctor In The House - The Complete Second Series. Based on the highly popular Doctor series of books by Richard Gordon, Doctor in the House was a massive hit for ITV on its original transmission. With hilarious scripts from the Goodies writing team of Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, the Doctor series lasted nearly a decade and was even revived in the 90s as a further sequel. This set contains all thirteen hilarious episodes from series two, the majority of which have never been previously released on DVD in the UK.Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room. Oscar nominated documentary, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room portrays the incredible story of one of history's greatest business scandals. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, Alex Gibney incredibly reveals how top executives of America's seventh-largest company walked away with over one billion dollars leaving investors and employees with absolutely nothing. The film comes to a harrowing denouement as we hear Enron traders ringing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits out of the California energy crisis and as a result, we come to comprehend how the unimaginable excesses of the Enron hierarchy had such a shocking and profound domino effect that may shape the face of our economy for years to come...The War File - Propaganda: The War Of The Mind. There are many weapons of war; fighter planes, heavy tanks and skilled infantrymen but it could be argued that none is more powerful than the power of suggestion. Propaganda and the war of words played an undoubtedly vital role in both the successes and failures of World War Two. Governments struggled to gain the upper hand in the war away from the battlefield, but one man proved to have a deft talent for spin. Joseph Goebbels honed the art of mass communication until, in the early days at least, it became one of Germany's most effective weapons. This DVD features rare examples of propaganda posters and campaigns, and insight from Chris Read and Robin Lenman both of Warwick University into the huge part propaganda had to play within World War Two.Lie With Me. A tense and exciting contemporary thriller where a deception committed for the right reasons has dangerous repercussions. Ros wakes from a drugged sleep with no memory of the previous night, when she was violently sexually assaulted and her flatmate killed. Investigating detective Will Tomlinson finds himself falling for Ros, and when it looks like the prime suspect for the crimes will walk free, the pair lie in court to secure a conviction. But this one lie has unexpected and unwelcome consequences...Fireman Sam - Norman's Tricky Day. Nee Nah, Nee Nah, Nee Nah... Fireman Sam is the hero next door! Naughty Norman Price is up to more of his tricks. Not only does he falsely report a fire but sneaks into the fire station to cause havoc... replacing Jupiter's wax with boot polish, putting grease on the fire pole and even setting off the station alarm! Norman's Tricky Day looks set to land him in trouble. Includes the episodes: - The Kite - Barn Fire - Trevor's Training - Flat Tyre - Lost Cat - Camping - Telly TroubleA Circus Wish. Flame is prince and heir to the Lion throne but he is not yet strong enough to stand up to the evil uncle who killed his parents and is trying to claim Flame's throne for his own. Flame must hide in the human world as a kitten but can't stay in any place for too long for fear of his uncle finding him. So Flame travels from family to family in various kitten guises using his, often chaotic, magic spells to help those who need it along the way. Sadie is so excited to be attending the local circus youth group, especially since she seems to have a real talent for all the acrobatics! Sadie's best friend Jenny, isn't quite as good as Sadie and becomes jealous and cold towards her. Sadie really doesn't know what to do until she finds a lonely coal black kitten.Midsomer Murders - A Collection Of Ten Investigations. Beneath the tranquil surface of sleepy village life in the idyllic English county of Midsomer, exist dark secrets, scandals and downright evil. John Nettles stars as the humorous, thoughtful and methodical Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby. This special collection features the first ten investigations for Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and Sergeant Troy. Delving into the dark and deadly corners of Midsomer county, they soon find there is much more to the English countryside than cream teas and cricket. Investigations featured include: The Killings at Badger's Drift Written in Blood Death of a Hollow Man Faithful Unto Death Death in Disguise Death's Shadow Strangler's Wood Dead Man's Eleven Blood Will Out Death Of A StrangerV-Tech Winnie the Pooh Slide 'n' Learn Storybook. It's story time with Winnie the Pooh with this V-Tech Slide 'n Learn Storybook! With six wonderful pages, each with their own moveable feature, your child will learn a range of new skills. This interactive tale has fun sound effects, a flashing hunny pot and cheerful melodies. Learning has never been so entertaining! 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