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• New & Used Auto Parts • Auto Parts Stores • Napa Auto Parts • Car Parts • Auto Body Parts • Automotive Parts • Performance Auto Parts • Auto Parts Online • Discount Auto Parts • Used Car Parts • Auto Parts • Car Performance Parts • Used Auto Parts • Classic Car Parts • Automobile Parts • Imported Car Parts • Car Accessories • Custom Car Parts • Automotive Parts • Oil Cooler Line Kits OIL COOLER LINE KIT OE fit and function lines extend engine life by properly circulating engine oil Priced lower than OE dealer list! Durable aluminum and rubber construction Kit includes O-rings, gaskets number of lines required depending on application. Limited lifetime warranty. • Power Winch Unit POWER WINCH UNIT Converts a manual hoist to power 120-volt winch and remote control included • Saddlegel Seat Pads SADDLEGEL™ SEAT PADS Pads redistribute weight over a larger surface area and are particularly effective in a fixed seating position Reduces high-pressure points or hot spots Dissipates weight concentrated by hip joints 3/4 thick pads are a special molded visco-elastic gel designed to equalize pressure and eliminate hard spots, improve circulation and help insulate you from vibration and road shock. Increases blood flow previously restricted by compression of muscle. Pads can be cooled (in refrigerator) or heated (in microwave) to increase comfort when the temperatures turn extreme. Gel won't harden or deform even after years of use. • Bulb Retainer Rings BULB RETAINER RINGS A must for restorations — no longer available at dealers Chrome-plated, hard-to-find duplicate of original Replaces original perfectly • Tie Rod End TIE ROD END Replaces worn tie rod for proper steering, increased safety and to prevent uneven tire wear Grease fittings, cotter pins and washers or nut included. On vehicles with rack and pinion steering, the inner tie rod end is replaced by an inner socket. RWD=Rear Wheel Drive; FWD=Front Wheel Drive; PS=Power Steering; MS=Manual Steering. • Merrick Machine Co Auto Dolly MERRICK MACHINE CO. AUTO DOLLY SET Lets you move any vehicle up to 6000 lbs. easily in any direction Ideal for maneuvering vehicle into tight spots in your garage Virtually indestructible, heavy-duty 1/4 thick steel plate is primed & painted to resist rust Low-profile design-only 3 high Choice of 2 sizes to accommodate most tires Easy-roll zinc-plated ball-bearing casters with shock-resistant phenolic plastic rollers. Handy in your garage or shop. Essential for auto shows, museums, safely moving that special project car, etc. Each Auto Dolly supports up to 1500 lbs., up to 6000 lbs. with the set of 4. Please note: Vehicle must be jacked up to slide dolly under tire. Set of 4. • Torsion Bars TORSION BARS Increase spring rate and roll stiffness Reduce bottoming out of suspension Minimize weight transfer and body roll Improve ride, handling and cornering ability! Increased spline length strengthens coupling at each end. Ultra-light tensile-certified aircraft alloy steel is heat treated to the most exacting standards and ground to precise tolerances with a #12 micro finish. Baked-on powder-coated paint prevents rust and corrosion. Overall design, manufacture and final inspection of the super torsion bars make them the first requirement of any off-road car. Replace soft standard torsion bars to help prevent severe bottoming and subsequent driveline and chassis problems. Tire size, wheel offset, rear-trailing arm length, corner weights and shock absorbers can all affect what length and diameter torsion bar to choose. Sold in pairs. Shipped separately from factory. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and may take a little longer to reach you. AT: Angle of Twist LB: L/B Degree of Twist • 30-Amp 350-Watt Capacity Relay Kits 30-AMP 350-WATT CAPACITY RELAY KITS Protect switch and harness from overheating and damage — ensure continuous operation of high-amp circuits A must with high-wattage headlights and fans Protect your vehicle accessories from power surges and short circuits Include plug-in relay, connector with color-coded wiring and instructions. Kit handles two headlights or accessories controlled by one switch. For 12-volt systems. • Snap-On Stainless Steel Horn Weather Shields SNAP-ON STAINLESS STEEL HORN WEATHER SHIELDS Protects interior horn components without muffling sound These stainless steel shields protect your horn from the rain, snow, sand, and debris Easy snap-on clips hold them firmly in place Excellent performance to get your attention. Highly durable and easily affordable.This is a part name for Challenger Big-Rig 125dB 110- psi roof-mount air horn with on-board air system; ZX492211 or challenger big-rig 125dB 110- psi roof-mount air horn with air system; ZX492212. • All-Weather Cd Player - Sirius Satellites ALL-WEATHER CD PLAYER— SIRIUS SATELLITES Sirius-ready (receiver box not included) 4 x 45 watts Line output terminal (x2 pair) Aux in Flip-down face ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) Positive display Rotary encoder multi-control Wired remote ready Bass/treble/balance controls Preamp fader control Electronic volume control Volume attenuator CD changer control Random/repeat play Intro scan Beep-tone support RaDetachable control panel with carrying casendom/repeat play •

JC Whitley ›› Duraloader Folding Aluminum Ramp - Best Price Ever

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