Woolworths Online Department Store: Now There's Even More at Woolworths to Explore!

Woolworths Department Store: With Woolworths Online You'll Get The Best Selection of UK Shopping and The Best Prices!

Woolworths Online Department Store: Now There's Even More at Woolworths to Explore!
For the best selection of online UK shopping Woolworths Website is the only store you'll ever need!

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F.W. Woolworths, a subsidiary of its US parent, was founded in the UK in 1909 as part of its parent company's global expansion plan. The first Woolworths store opened in Liverpool, beginning a rapid roll out throughout the UK. F.W. Woolworth was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange with its US parent retaining a majority shareholding. In 1982 Paternoster Stores, the forerunner to present day Kingfisher, acquired the entire Woolworths business in the UK. [ Source: www.Woolworths.co.uk ]

Woolworths Home Shopping, UK: Now There's Even More of Woolworths UK to Explore

At the Woolworths Catalogue Shop you'll find all manner of beauty products, discounts and best-ever prices. From the fantastic Woolworths range of music to Woolworths toys, garden furniture, computer games … and much more. Below is just a tiny selection of what you'll find at Woolworths Online, UK:
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